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Below are some of the common ad sizes by Google, that can be placed on your site. Contact Primeaus Website Design and Organic Search Engine Optimization today, to have your site setup for Google Ads, and make some extra money from Google Adsense. Get paid direct from Google.


Google AdSenseofferes a way to manage website costs with extra income from your traffic.

  • By advertising other services on your webpage , you can easally recover your advertising and hosting costs.
  • How it works is really simple, you place Google AdSense ads on your site and for every ad clicked, you receive money.
  • Google Adsense in short offers some very helpful tools to also help manage your ad placement and revenue thats generated from it.
  • Google uses its advanced, proprietary technology and algorithms to determine the content of each of your site’s Web pages. It then delivers ads that are contextually relevant to your audience.
  • Easy (and free) to join and implement.
  • Continues stream of advertisers for your site.
  • Ads are relevenat and on topic for your web page.
  • Large selection of ad sizes.
  • Just to mention some of the benifits …


Google Ads - Black Gradient Line


Google Ad Sizes

125 x 125

120 x 240

120 x 600

160 x 600

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336 x 280

Google Ads - Black Gradient Line

Leader Board 728 x 90

Google Ads - Black Gradient Line

468 x 60

Google Ads - Black Gradient Line

234 x 60

180 x 150

250 x 250

300 x 250 – Inline Rectangle